sábado, 7 de junho de 2008

busco o vento que lhe acaricia o rosto

José Brito, técnica mista s/tela, 70x90 cm, 2005

José Brito, in this sequence of paintings, questions about the effects of the actual globalized system of comunication. How does react the intensity, extensability and velocity of the production of information in the addresee? Who´s the addresee? Which level of comunication established itself? If the comunication isn´t just a information’s material, but also a shape, what is that way of see, feel and behave?
José Brito prefers both sides and the back of the comunication, he prefers to make it go round, to receive it in many features, make it impossible to see all of them at the same time.
The show of the contemporary comunication is captured by José Brito like a chaos of images and words, which helps him to organize his paintings. In the canvas, he glues pages of newspapers, so he can draw black spots above them. The perception of the thought is fragmentary, calls up the opposite sides. There’ll be light if the obscurity didn’t exist? There’ll be obscurity if the light didn’t exist?
The painter’s gesture establish a tense relationship between the obscure action of the black material and the luminous fragments of the colors and words, that he shows. Passing and moving are these black spots. They represent the savageness and freedom over the ideas and the mechanism of the cultural condition.
The artist develops, painting by painting, a vivid faculty of oblivion. He reconstruct the incomunicability's net, which impose his individual pulsing flux to any sorrow provoked by the interests of the global comunication.

António Rodrigues

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