sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

José Brito, técnica mista s/tela, 46x55 cm, 2008

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Leslie Avon Miller disse...


I only speak English so please forgive me for writing in English. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed your work posted here. I like the dark color, and the traces of newspaper images. I find it fascinating that you have being doing a series of paintings about communication and dark and light. At this time I have been working on a communication series with light white color, and including newspaper transfers. Amazing! I send you best wishes for 2009. I will look at your blog for new work you might share. Again, I am enjoying your work and thank you.
Leslie Avon Miller

Jeane disse...

Hi, I am here from Leslie's blog and I'm so glad she highlighted you - I love your work! - it is so strong! and visually engaging - sorry I only speak English -

Leslie Avon Miller disse...

I see that you updated your blog, but I don't see the actual post. I'll kep checking to see any new posts. I enjoy seeing your work.